Monday, 26 April 2010

Hurray For England!

Im finally back home!

I got back late on Friday night and have pretty much slept since. Im finding it very hard to get back into a normal sleeping and eating pattern!

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be recovered enough to put all of my posts and pictures up for you to see! :D

Speak to you soon!s

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Volcano Eruption + Cancelled Flight = Adventures in Kuala Lumpur!

Well if you didn't guess already, I am stuck halfway home in Kuala Lumpur.
I am currently staying in the centre in a hotel waiting to see when I can finally fly back home.

Australia was fab and I will tell you about the rest of my trip when im home as I have limited internet access.
This place is very hot and really quite cheap so I have decided to enjoy it whilst I am here!
It does mean I get to miss a bit more of uni so I guess I can't complain.

It is a bit crap not knowing how long I will be here though. I have been told today that it may be another week or two that I am stuck here!

So if I get a chance, I will keep you guys updated on what's happening over here :)
For now, Im going to spend the day at the pool!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wine Tasting Tour!

So we never did the chocolate tour in the end as we didnt fancy scoffing our faces full of chocies.
Instead we did yet more shopping and then had an early night.
Saturday was spent getting up at 6am to go on a wine tasting tour in the Yarra Valley!

We got on the coach with Dr Phil the driver who was cracking awful jokes the whole way there. He was so cheesy that he was actually really funny.
We went to a park where there was loads of birds everywhere! It was mad but kind of cool to get to see them all up close.

We then hopped onto Puffing Billy! I felt like a child on it hehe. It was cool because you could just sit on the edge with your feet dangling out of the carridge.
After that was lunch at a winnery and then onto two more wineries to taste some wine!
I got two really nice bottles and then we merrily headed home on the coach.

Back at the hostel we made some dinner then got ready for a night out in Melbourne city.
We headed down to Brunswick St, the trendy place to go out in Fitzroy for those who have not been, and just went where we fancied.

It was a fun night and we met a few nice guys who asked for my autograph. It was so sweet but unluckily no one had a pen!

If you guys are reading my blog today, hope your not all too hung over!

Today I am going to chill all day and do absolutely nothing!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sex at the Zoo!

On Wednesday I went to get my certs done and then repacked for the next hostel!
I got there late Wednesday night so had a big lie in on Thursday.

I spent the day at the zoo which was lots of fun as I got to see all of my favourite animals...and more.
I got loads of videos from the trip but im afraid I wont be able to put them up until I get back home!

For some reason every single animal I went up to seemed to be having sex! I have no idea why and it was really funny!
I managed to catch to tortoises at it and it was hilarious! I also saw two cats do it, two birds and two lemars.
Hehe at the lemar pen these kids were watching and were like, "Mummy, what are they doing?" and she said, "They are having special hugs" Haha! That made me chuckle.

I was worn out by the end of it but that didnt stop me going to Melbourne Central shopping centre and going round all of the shops!
It was nice to do even if I didn't buy anything.
When I was walking back to the tram stop I walked past a newsreader shooting live so who knows, I might have been on aussie TV!
I then overheard the woman next to me chatting to her partner saying how she ducked out of work early because she couldn't be bothered by going down the fire exit stairs!
Lol I wonder if lots of people do that?

Well that was my day, I just chilled with a book in the evening as my feet were very tired.
Im off on a chocolate tasting tour tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

City Sightseeing...

Well today I got up nice and early, showered and dressed and headed out for some breakfast.
I went to this really nice cafe and had berry pancakes which you guessed it, were pancakes with berries and mascapone! Yummy!

I then went into the city to meet up with Bushbaby. We wandered down to the Eureka Skydeck which was amazing! It gave us the best view of Melbourne ever!
After that we decided to head to the aqaruim where we saw loads of super cute pengiuns. I got a few videos now to put up on my youtube and one is of the penguins swimming around :)

After tiring ourselves out we decided to go for a drink and a gander around federation square so off we went. Bushbaby enjoyed her drink whilst i had a pimms and ginger beer! Be3st drink ever made.

Next up, we went for a little soviner shopping and i got myself a sexy hat. I will be sure to show you a picture of me wearing it...naked of course!

By then it had gotten late (not to mention dark) so we headed separate ways and I got the tram back. It was really busy because everyone had finished work and this really hot Aussie guy got on next to me and he smelt gorgeous!
it made me soo horny and wet i felt like i wanted to jump on him even though we were on a busy tram!

I had to instead sit and stare at him uncomfortably with my soggy knickers! Hehe it did feel rather naughty though.
It's crazy because ive had no sex for a week! I am not used to waiting that long, its making me super horny!

Next thing you know you might see me humping a lampost! :D
All i can say is the next girl I work with for Abby Winter's sure is going to have one hell of a time!
Im going to have to let off all my steam on her!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I Love St Kilda!

Having spent the weekend in St Kilda with Bushbaby, I have had loads of fun here.
After going for dinner we both spent the next day wondering round the beach and the shops spending lots of money.

We went to get ice cream and I got this yummy mango frozen yoghurt which was very tasty and then we went to the pier where the baby penguins lived!

I did manage to see them through the rocks but couldnt get a good photo of them in the end.

We went out for dinner again, this time to a really nice thai and vietanese restuarant. I wish I had taken photos of all the yummy food I have had but I keep forgetting!
After that we went for some drinks...I can finally have alcohol again :D (I gave it up for lent) So we celebrated with a bottle of tasty wine and then went back to the hostel where there was a kind of club night.
We were sipping our jagerbombs and next thing you know we are interupted by two australian boys trying so hard to get with us bless.
We ended up chatting to them for most of the night and then headed to bed.

The next day was spent recovering so we took it easy and went round an easter market stall where I got some really cool stuff. We also woke up to easter eggs on our bed with a little note saying happy easter. How cute is that!?

We then had a noisy at Luna Park, decided we didnt fancy it so went back for a nap and then went to the cinema in the evening.

Bushbaby went home and I spent today at the beach, bathing in the sun. It was really nice to just chill for a bit and who knows, I might even get a tan! Hehe...

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The woman who knows everything!

So the last few days have been pretty cool. the weather has been niceand ive been working!
Yesterday I did another 2 shoots for feck media which included me lazing outside with an ice cream and blowing dandilion clocks.
it was good fun and i also got the chance to go shopping down brunswick street and visit melbourne museum.
I was pretty knackered by the end of the day so just ended up in bed.

i got up early today as we were heading down to Yarra to do some more outdoor stuff. As soon as we got there i felt like i was in America...and i havent even been there lol.
i think i would love to live there and if it wasnt for the fact that i have exams when im back, id definately consider staying a little longer.
we shot at someones house who had the cutest cat. they also had an amazing garden, if you can call it a was huge!
I had soo much fun i have only just noticed the sun burn and mossy bites i got!

I had a very busy day and when i finished i had to catch a bus, then a train, then a tram to the next place i was staying. St Kilda.
on the train there was this funny woman who seemed to know everything and started chatting to this canadian guy about where he lived and then after that started talking to this american guy about where he lived. she seems to have been everywhere!

i finally got to my destination after 2 and a half hours! i met up with bushbaby and we went out for a gander and a bite to eat.