Wednesday, 7 April 2010

City Sightseeing...

Well today I got up nice and early, showered and dressed and headed out for some breakfast.
I went to this really nice cafe and had berry pancakes which you guessed it, were pancakes with berries and mascapone! Yummy!

I then went into the city to meet up with Bushbaby. We wandered down to the Eureka Skydeck which was amazing! It gave us the best view of Melbourne ever!
After that we decided to head to the aqaruim where we saw loads of super cute pengiuns. I got a few videos now to put up on my youtube and one is of the penguins swimming around :)

After tiring ourselves out we decided to go for a drink and a gander around federation square so off we went. Bushbaby enjoyed her drink whilst i had a pimms and ginger beer! Be3st drink ever made.

Next up, we went for a little soviner shopping and i got myself a sexy hat. I will be sure to show you a picture of me wearing it...naked of course!

By then it had gotten late (not to mention dark) so we headed separate ways and I got the tram back. It was really busy because everyone had finished work and this really hot Aussie guy got on next to me and he smelt gorgeous!
it made me soo horny and wet i felt like i wanted to jump on him even though we were on a busy tram!

I had to instead sit and stare at him uncomfortably with my soggy knickers! Hehe it did feel rather naughty though.
It's crazy because ive had no sex for a week! I am not used to waiting that long, its making me super horny!

Next thing you know you might see me humping a lampost! :D
All i can say is the next girl I work with for Abby Winter's sure is going to have one hell of a time!
Im going to have to let off all my steam on her!


  1. Diary of you write very well today, reflecting the intimate mood of a girl next model when a man, so sorry that you forget about taking a picture thief man, should not know him as: White, Black or Gold, hehehe ...!
    The contents of the diary for today but for those who do not know who you'll see and read the associated right to sexual stimulation stories, but I think the mood and excitement of a mischievous 20-year-old girls about reproductive health. Hehehe ...!