Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I Love St Kilda!

Having spent the weekend in St Kilda with Bushbaby, I have had loads of fun here.
After going for dinner we both spent the next day wondering round the beach and the shops spending lots of money.

We went to get ice cream and I got this yummy mango frozen yoghurt which was very tasty and then we went to the pier where the baby penguins lived!

I did manage to see them through the rocks but couldnt get a good photo of them in the end.

We went out for dinner again, this time to a really nice thai and vietanese restuarant. I wish I had taken photos of all the yummy food I have had but I keep forgetting!
After that we went for some drinks...I can finally have alcohol again :D (I gave it up for lent) So we celebrated with a bottle of tasty wine and then went back to the hostel where there was a kind of club night.
We were sipping our jagerbombs and next thing you know we are interupted by two australian boys trying so hard to get with us bless.
We ended up chatting to them for most of the night and then headed to bed.

The next day was spent recovering so we took it easy and went round an easter market stall where I got some really cool stuff. We also woke up to easter eggs on our bed with a little note saying happy easter. How cute is that!?

We then had a noisy at Luna Park, decided we didnt fancy it so went back for a nap and then went to the cinema in the evening.

Bushbaby went home and I spent today at the beach, bathing in the sun. It was really nice to just chill for a bit and who knows, I might even get a tan! Hehe...


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  2. Thank you for sharing the joy, happiness, love for your country Australia through your eyes is shown on the pictures,
    See you're soaking feet in sea water is very complete course.