Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sex at the Zoo!

On Wednesday I went to get my certs done and then repacked for the next hostel!
I got there late Wednesday night so had a big lie in on Thursday.

I spent the day at the zoo which was lots of fun as I got to see all of my favourite animals...and more.
I got loads of videos from the trip but im afraid I wont be able to put them up until I get back home!

For some reason every single animal I went up to seemed to be having sex! I have no idea why and it was really funny!
I managed to catch to tortoises at it and it was hilarious! I also saw two cats do it, two birds and two lemars.
Hehe at the lemar pen these kids were watching and were like, "Mummy, what are they doing?" and she said, "They are having special hugs" Haha! That made me chuckle.

I was worn out by the end of it but that didnt stop me going to Melbourne Central shopping centre and going round all of the shops!
It was nice to do even if I didn't buy anything.
When I was walking back to the tram stop I walked past a newsreader shooting live so who knows, I might have been on aussie TV!
I then overheard the woman next to me chatting to her partner saying how she ducked out of work early because she couldn't be bothered by going down the fire exit stairs!
Lol I wonder if lots of people do that?

Well that was my day, I just chilled with a book in the evening as my feet were very tired.
Im off on a chocolate tasting tour tomorrow!

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  1. You remember the video posted at the zoo to see and feel nothing,
    Make a collection and store it in this electronic journal, and for humanity to know the richness of natural sex. hehehe ...!