Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wine Tasting Tour!

So we never did the chocolate tour in the end as we didnt fancy scoffing our faces full of chocies.
Instead we did yet more shopping and then had an early night.
Saturday was spent getting up at 6am to go on a wine tasting tour in the Yarra Valley!

We got on the coach with Dr Phil the driver who was cracking awful jokes the whole way there. He was so cheesy that he was actually really funny.
We went to a park where there was loads of birds everywhere! It was mad but kind of cool to get to see them all up close.

We then hopped onto Puffing Billy! I felt like a child on it hehe. It was cool because you could just sit on the edge with your feet dangling out of the carridge.
After that was lunch at a winnery and then onto two more wineries to taste some wine!
I got two really nice bottles and then we merrily headed home on the coach.

Back at the hostel we made some dinner then got ready for a night out in Melbourne city.
We headed down to Brunswick St, the trendy place to go out in Fitzroy for those who have not been, and just went where we fancied.

It was a fun night and we met a few nice guys who asked for my autograph. It was so sweet but unluckily no one had a pen!

If you guys are reading my blog today, hope your not all too hung over!

Today I am going to chill all day and do absolutely nothing!


  1. Diary of you today, so tired, so you have to tell a story takes place in days instead of writing up and feel your perspective on things happening in the trip that makes you feel happy or sad or paste keep, and you feel how much happiness. hehehe ...! wish you good health to conquer and enjoy the next day in Australia.

  2. you are not getting many comments Satine. Let me tell you about my day.

    Spent four hours in A and E this afternoon, and eventually met a doctor that didn't know chicken pox from chicken shit. Was amused by some old timers shaking, and a guy with a mullet and tattoos, a guy obviously drunk that was sat there crying before he and his posh friends went in. a woman that was so fat that she could hardly get her short arms around her belly, her husband who was sat there in shorts and sandles without socks, even though his feet were uglier than Jade Goody, and their son that was most likely Autistic that kept kissing his mother and hugging his father. There was a boy that I heard was eight wouldn't go for a piss with the door closed, he gets nervous, so various members of his "Female" Entourage stood there holding the mens public toilet door open shouting encouragement to said kid. Same kid asked for a hot chocolate from the machine, Mother asked behind the desk if he could have a drink. Ten minutes later nurse comes out with a plastic cup of water and some sponge swabs, saying dip the sponge in the water and make like you are brushing his teeth. Idiot mother is sat there swabbing his mouth with water. Greedy little fucker wanted chocolate not hydrating. Felt a bit sorry for the guy that came in with his finger in a bag of frozen peas though, only to be told his stump was too dry. I am not making it up either.

  3. Anyhow, hope things are better your end love ;)

  4. I miss you so much Satine, I've spent a lovely evening reading about your lovely holiday and am smiling clutcing my hot water bottle thiking of you hot and wet on a train in sunny oz - ya little slut! Dont forget your promise to flash by the nighbours sign xxxx

    Masie xxxxx

  5. Aw thanks for your post Kevin! :D Made me giggle.
    And miss you too love!
    Never wnet on the neighbours tour in the end and now im stuck in Kuala Lumpur!

    I will try to update this blog at some point!
    Satine xXx

  6. Hi Satine! Wow, I am glad that I found your blog. I first heard your name on the AW site. Thank you very much for your contribution, it is my favourite for sure. However I have learned something new, do never go out without a pen in the pocket ;) Per