Saturday, 3 April 2010

The woman who knows everything!

So the last few days have been pretty cool. the weather has been niceand ive been working!
Yesterday I did another 2 shoots for feck media which included me lazing outside with an ice cream and blowing dandilion clocks.
it was good fun and i also got the chance to go shopping down brunswick street and visit melbourne museum.
I was pretty knackered by the end of the day so just ended up in bed.

i got up early today as we were heading down to Yarra to do some more outdoor stuff. As soon as we got there i felt like i was in America...and i havent even been there lol.
i think i would love to live there and if it wasnt for the fact that i have exams when im back, id definately consider staying a little longer.
we shot at someones house who had the cutest cat. they also had an amazing garden, if you can call it a was huge!
I had soo much fun i have only just noticed the sun burn and mossy bites i got!

I had a very busy day and when i finished i had to catch a bus, then a train, then a tram to the next place i was staying. St Kilda.
on the train there was this funny woman who seemed to know everything and started chatting to this canadian guy about where he lived and then after that started talking to this american guy about where he lived. she seems to have been everywhere!

i finally got to my destination after 2 and a half hours! i met up with bushbaby and we went out for a gander and a bite to eat.


  1. Glad u r having so much fun over in OZ hun. It is an amazing place isn't it and I would luv to go back there some day. Not done Melbourne or Sydney yet!!! x x x

  2. Why do not you paste a picture of her walking on the beach playing Australia. hehehe ...!
    Or eat the local dishes such!

  3. Oh to paste a picture up, they need a lot of manipulation on the computer, so you write many, long, have fun, be sad for us to understand more deeply about the journey on your nerves.