Monday, 3 May 2010

Look what I got! :D

Im sorry Im so rubbish at keeping you up to date, I need a good spanking! :D
I have been unbelievably busy the last 2 weeks organising more shoots for you to enjoy and also doing uni work which is due in very soon!

I finish my course for the year th end of this month so I will be very busy until then.
I have not had much time for anyone really and I feel as though I have forgotten how to socialise! Hehe.

A quick update for you though is that I went and got me another piercing! :D
Take a look at this bad boy!

Now I think it looks bloody sexy and I can't wait to get it out for my next shoot!
Just imagine doing me doggy with that in my neck!

Sexy stuff.
Well that's all for now, also check out this MEGA HOT trailer of me and Daisy Rock getting it on!

It will be out the end of June and will be available to buy in Ann Summers! Now how cool is that!?
It will be my first scene to ever be sold in Ann Summers. It was made by the lovely people at JoyBear Productions and has myself, Daisy Rock and the hunky Jamie Barry all at it together.


  1. Willy van der KerkhofMay 03, 2010 11:45 pm

    The London Sex Project sounds like a great name for a band. Possibly some sort of acid house/techno collective.

    I also just realised I posted this under the wrong entry. Ah well. It was funny the first time.

  2. "another" piercing?

    where's the first one Satine?

    sunshine x

  3. Hehe I have been through a lot of piercings!
    I have 4 on my ear. A stretched one, a normal one and a scaffolding.
    I also had an anti-tragus and I used to have my belly button pierced but I always end up taking them out!

    Satine xXx

  4. "Satine please paste the blog, because I miss you too. Hehehe ...!"

  5. Hey Satine - piercing looks a bit sad and sore to me. You are so beautiful, you don't need that kind of thing. It strikes me that with so many peirced and tattoed people around that it's more provocative just to let yourself alone - what do you reckon?

  6. Im sorry Jake but Im afraid Im a fan of piercings and always have been!
    But don't worry, I won't be covering myself in them!

    Satine xXx

  7. I do not understand this sign: (xxx) Can you explain?


  8. Your piercing looks great. You definitely sparked my imagination here!

  9. Sorry but that piercing is ugly and pointless. Please don't get any tattoos for Christ's sake they are utterly trashy.