Friday, 21 May 2010

The things I do when Im bored..

Well I have had lots of spare time in which I have been filling the hours doing many silly things.
I went on a bike ride and decided to chase some geese.

I have also ordered a shiny new bike which I can't wait for it to arrive!
Isn't it prettiful!

I have also been juggling away and will be doing a video of that soon enough! I am learning to unicycle and it seems it is harder to pick up than I thought!
I have also been studying hard like a good student for my exams and assignments :)
Other than that I have been chilling, letting my hair down and giving myself some time to think. Who thought it would be hard work shagging everyday!?

I had a real good shoot a few weeks back for We Are Hairy so keep your eyes peeled for that update!
Here's a few piccies of myself which I took on the day.

It was a really nice shoot and I got to go down to Canterbury which was nice. We shot lots of naughty, sexy sets of myself and did some really great solo videos!
One of them was very hot and I think the camera man got a little turned on by it which made me feel even more naughty!

I have a shoot next week which will be going up on ATK again which should be fun as they were great fun to shoot for the last time round!


  1. Nice bike.
    time Too long.
    Now I have seen you.

  2. Satine in I Feel Myself not see?

  3. Satine, nice to see you back!
    Was wondering if you'd ever done that creampie scene you wee going to try and do for the winner of your comp, a while back? Would love to see some pics of THAT day! :) xx

  4. Satine has beautiful yellow plumage.

  5. It's nice to see videos of you outside of pornography Satine. Perhaps you have a career ahead as a film director? Nature documentaries about geese are interesting.

  6. "Remember too Satine , but I do now?"

  7. "Photo No. 2 is very nice to see you!"

  8. Eeeeek! Love the new bike babes! Long time no see. I miss your pretty face :) Saw the pics of you at UKAP and you look great! Come say hi next time you're in London. x

  9. dont shave... because shaved pussy are a kind of legal child porn...