Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Im a little rubbish at this...

Well I notice I have not posted in a very long time.
Would you like to know why?

Because I had to do my university exams which you will be happy to know, I passed.
I also met a wonderful guy who has been taking up much of my time! :)
I have been very lazy with work because I have been enjoying myself far too much!

It's been fabulous having so much time off to do as I please but don't worry, I have still been shooting for you all!
I have some videos up on I Feel Myself and Beautiful Agony as well as work up on We Are Hairy where you can see a video clip of me!

I also have some more videos up on Strictly Broadband.
I have been shooting lots of content for my website and I have also been working on a top secret project which I can't tell you about just yet!

I have also been getting addicted to bikes and have been to a few really cool shows in which I ended up buying a second push bike!
I have bought a gorgeous Puch which needs a lot of work but will be so worth it once it is finished!

Some of you may have also heard the news that I am no longer doing any boy/girl work but that doesn't mean you can't still see me up to no good!

And I, like everyone else have been very much enjoying the sunshine!