Monday, 26 July 2010

Road Trip to somewhere!!!

Well I said I would tell you about my awesome road trip and now I will.
We started the trip heading to Birmingham to visit a friend and have a night out in Birmingham.
The next day we headed to this awesome juggling shop in Selly Oaks.
The other half ended up buying a stack of clubs and we were amazed to find that the parking was 50p for like 4 hours!
Now that is cheap.

Next up was a trek down to Cheltenham as I had never been there before so thought we should check it out.
On the way we stopped for the best lunch ever at a b and b that had its own butchers in the kitchen!

Whilst we were on the road I had to get a picture of the van in front, it made me chuckle!

We then spent the evening in Cheltenham and attended a most awesome juggling club. Some of the people there had been juggling for over 20 years and were absolute pro's at it!
It was really pretty amazing to watch and now I am determined to be that good!

Well that was half of the trip! :) More to follow!

Monday, 19 July 2010

I am a silly billy sometimes!

Well I have been looking on my little netbook and noticed that I have a hoard of photo's and blog posts from Australia to put up on here!
What a plonker I am!

I forgotten that I had them on there as I don't use it very much so over the next few weeks I will post them up for you guys.

I also got some photo's from that awesome night of Britians Got Totty which was at the Spearmint Rhino in London.
The sexy Syren Sexton managed to win the award for being so fabulous and fun to be around :)

I got to do a dance on stage to RATM's "Killing in the name of" and it was soo much fun! I got to dirty dance round a pole in my undies and slowly strip in front of a big crowd of people. It was such a huge buzz!

Other news, I have been taking many trips to London with the new man as he is getting a very hot tattoo on his arm. I thought it was soo cool that I would have to share it with you guys.

It's still got a long way to go before it is complete!
I have also attended the brilliant Welland Valley Beer Festival yet again!
It is well worth going to and I again must recommend you going to it. It is soo worth the travel!

I had to move house last month which was hard work. Who knew you could fill a house full of junk!?
I seemed to have collected so much stuff over a year so I am having a rather large Ebay/Carboot to get rid of it all!
And to make things more difficult, the day I moved house there was a building on fire on my street meaning that the road was closed so I had to barter with the police and then the fire people for them to let me in my street to cart all my boxes into my car!

What a nightmare!

But the day after that I went on a week long road trip with the new man to go where ever we pleased. It was soo much fun!
I have loads to say about it so I will save it for the next post!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Shooting for Models First!

Well I did have a two day shoot for Models First where I worked with two sexy ladies making lots of CFNM shoots!

We got to work with 4 different guys where we got them naked, made them lick our shoes and then we decided to finger their arseholes before using a big dildo on them!

Finally after much humiliation we made them come and then made them eat it all up afterwards!
Here are two of the 4 outfits which I wore for the different shoots!

It was lots of fun and I was suprised to find I rather enjoyed being so mean!

It was also that time of year again when the UKAP party was due. I of course got dressed my best and headed down to a party on a boat!
Here are a few pictures from the evening. It was very nice to see plenty of old and new models and producers attending and I got to catch up with lots of people I like very much!

One of my fave pornstar buddies, Miss Shay Hendrix!

And the stunning Holly Dee as well as a brand new girl called Cherry! She has the most piercings I have ever seen and apparently there are more than that!
If you like alt girls, you will LOVE her!
And that was just some of the wonderful girls and guys to attend.

What's more is I STILL have more to tell you all about so I will save it for the next post!

Hot for Hayley Williams!

Just updating you guys on me, myself and moi and what I have been doing!

I am addicted to the super hot Hayley Williams from Paramore right now and was chuffed to find a naked picture leaked...WOO!!!!

I also love the song Airplanes and think if you have not heard it, you should!

Other than that I have been shooting a lot of content for myself and Masie Dee's website.
We should be ready to launch by summertime so keep your cocks hard and your credit cards empty for the launch!

I have had a lot of releases recently including The London Sex Project 2 which is available in Ann Summers!
I also have a scene up on Harsh Handjobs and CFNM.
The most recent DVD's of mine are ASBO Trash Whores and Me and My Mum like it Hard!

I have had updates on Abby Winters as well as I Feel Myself , Beautiful Agony and I Shot Myself so check them out as they look fabulous!

I did a shoot with the sexy Jess West and Axa Jay which will be up on my website once it launches. Here is one of the outfits for our space hopper set!

Also lucky for me my new man is a chef which means lots and lots of tasty food!

This is the best coleslaw you will ever eat in your life!
And a poster which amused me. I found it in my friends workspace at uni.

I wont bore you all for too long so Ill leave the rest for the next post!