Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hot for Hayley Williams!

Just updating you guys on me, myself and moi and what I have been doing!

I am addicted to the super hot Hayley Williams from Paramore right now and was chuffed to find a naked picture leaked...WOO!!!!

I also love the song Airplanes and think if you have not heard it, you should!

Other than that I have been shooting a lot of content for myself and Masie Dee's website.
We should be ready to launch by summertime so keep your cocks hard and your credit cards empty for the launch!

I have had a lot of releases recently including The London Sex Project 2 which is available in Ann Summers!
I also have a scene up on Harsh Handjobs and CFNM.
The most recent DVD's of mine are ASBO Trash Whores and Me and My Mum like it Hard!

I have had updates on Abby Winters as well as I Feel Myself , Beautiful Agony and I Shot Myself so check them out as they look fabulous!

I did a shoot with the sexy Jess West and Axa Jay which will be up on my website once it launches. Here is one of the outfits for our space hopper set!

Also lucky for me my new man is a chef which means lots and lots of tasty food!

This is the best coleslaw you will ever eat in your life!
And a poster which amused me. I found it in my friends workspace at uni.

I wont bore you all for too long so Ill leave the rest for the next post!


  1. Never heard of Hayley Williams Satine, but she looks like a sexy little fucker.

  2. beauty girl but where i dont know how she make this porn thing
    mabye if she study, she will have everything in the life..
    what thinks about this your parents??

    espero que si vienes a mi pais, no dudo en casarme contigo.