Monday, 26 July 2010

Road Trip to somewhere!!!

Well I said I would tell you about my awesome road trip and now I will.
We started the trip heading to Birmingham to visit a friend and have a night out in Birmingham.
The next day we headed to this awesome juggling shop in Selly Oaks.
The other half ended up buying a stack of clubs and we were amazed to find that the parking was 50p for like 4 hours!
Now that is cheap.

Next up was a trek down to Cheltenham as I had never been there before so thought we should check it out.
On the way we stopped for the best lunch ever at a b and b that had its own butchers in the kitchen!

Whilst we were on the road I had to get a picture of the van in front, it made me chuckle!

We then spent the evening in Cheltenham and attended a most awesome juggling club. Some of the people there had been juggling for over 20 years and were absolute pro's at it!
It was really pretty amazing to watch and now I am determined to be that good!

Well that was half of the trip! :) More to follow!


  1. I like! and missing you Satine.

  2. A complete clip of one of your bukakke sessions has made it to xhamster -

    very nice indeed.