Saturday, 11 September 2010

Shoots what I did

So here are a few pictures of the recent shoots I have done!
I did a really lovely shoot for a while back and some of the sets are now up!
Here are a few of the images which I got my hands on!

I think they look gorgeous and really natural and there are also some videos which you can view on the site!

I also did another CFNM shoot but Im afraid I it is not up yet! Links to come when it is! :D

I also did a shoot for as I know a lot of you do like my feet so very much!
I did nag the guy who owns the site for a shoot for you all.
Here are a few funny bloopers from the shoot!

They are most definately my sexy face, hehe!

I have been upto plenty more and over the next week I am having an update a day to catch up on everything I haven't told you about!


  1. Hi, how are you?
    Any news on the new website? What is the theme going to be?
    Hope you're well.

  2. Hey Tom!

    Well the website is still being built but the theme will be schoolgirls, schoolgirls, schoolgirls!

    Satine x

  3. Hello again.
    Do you have a timeframe in mind for completion?
    If you need any help, ask (I know a little about web-development)..... but I'm sure you have the pros on hand.
    Is this the Maisee Dee joint site yeh? Thumbs up on the theme.

  4. Yes it sure is! :)
    We sure are excited about it :D

    Satine xXx

  5. Just to make you aware I'm the Tom of previous posts on these specific blog entry, TomH just seems more distinctive for the future.

    Anyway...Ok, make sure you let us know when its online :) Watched the vid of you and Maise (Maisee) at Television X party. Looked like a hormonal/pheromonal driven party (not my sort of thing) but did you have fun? What are those parties like?