Monday, 13 September 2010

Working for Babe Zest

I did a shoot the other week for a site called
I managed to do 5 sexy sets for the site including one on the kitchen table in some pink undies and even one in some gym gear!
Here are a few photo's of the first update on the site.

And a little sneek peek!

I did also manage to go and see the band I have been banging on about, LIGHTS!
I took the other half as a surprise and boy was he excited! Almost as much as I was.
We got some photo's of the lovely lady and I was chuffed to find out she did a section of the gig as an acoustic set which is always nice.
The lovely lady plays keyboard, guitar and also sings, she does it all!

Not the best pictures but still...

Oh and I even bought a T shirt which I wore on the Babe Zest shoot! :D


  1. Hey Satine

    You are looking hotter than ever! Welcome back to Blogging gorgeous x

  2. Too long! see you post pictures to your
    Satine ...!
    Please paste onto a college degree

  3. Satine on welovely bukkake very nice!

  4. Hey beautiful lady you are a very great person and i like your histories. Sorry for my english, i speak french and i live to Quebec ! xD

  5. Oh...!opening for Satine Spark nice site too.

  6. Satine on site (babezest) very nice, clean hair, but they charge too!

  7. VN 13/10/2010 (20:30)
    Satine ...!
    I'd love to see with your college graduation./.

  8. VN 18/10/2010 (01:35)
    I Feelmyself...?