Saturday, 11 December 2010

Shooting for Escort!

I did a super fun shoot for Escort with the super duper cute Charlie Cox!
We did two sets, one as a kinky couple who decided to film ourselves at it and another in which we were clock-work dolls which wound up with a big giant key!

It was soo awesome to shoot and we had the best outfits for it EVER!
They matched and everything.

And do know that I even helped out with the set design! :D

And a cute one of the two of us!
What do you think?

Well I can now tell you that one of our sets is actually out this month in Escort mag and ALSO in Escort DVD!
So go and treat yourself to a copy!


  1. VN 12/12/2010 (15:05)
    Satine is a cute!
    I miss you so much!

  2. Down Under Fanboi
    You look the best that you ever have in this shoot!