Sunday, 21 November 2010

Working for Abby Winters - part 2!

Well after a long wait for blog posts...I am finally back!
I have been very lazy and I apologise for this!

I actually shot for Abby Winters yet again back in October!

But first I shall show you some of the FREE videos and pictures from the last lot of shoots I did for them!
Check out my solo scene HERE and HERE.
And you can also see the sexy shoot I did with gorgeous Laria HERE!

Well I did go over with Masie Dee a while ago now and here is a behind the scenes piccie from our time together :)

We ended up doing a double IM scene together and it sure was fun!
And the next day we then did a shoot together for Lady Suspender where we wore some big knickers and got down and dirty with each other in the shower with a double ended dildo!

After a hard days work we decided why not finish the day with a tickling shoot!?
So we bumbled down to good old Manchester to shoot for Ministry of Tickling!

We then spent the next hour or so tickling the pants off one another (literally!) Here are a few video clips from the shoot which is now up on the site.

Me attacking Masie Dee and getting my own back!

Masie Dee attacking me and making me squeal like a girl!

ENJOY the videos!

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