Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Working for Tranisa!

The next day I had a shoot with minx Masie Dee! Woo!
I do love working with her mainly because it means we can chatter all the way to the shoot in her car.
Well today we were shooting for a transexual and transvestite website and this was certainly something very new to me.
I haven't had a lot of experience in this area so it was nice to meet these new people and see what it is like in their shoes, and wigs!

So what do you think? :D

We did a scene in which Masie found out her husband enjoyed dressing up as a woman and we were so intrigued we asked him to dress up for us!
It was really nice seeing him get all dolled up like a lady and by the end of it he was completely transformed into a gorgeous looking girl.

We did a few other scenes of a similar nature, one with a huge white wedding dress where we made the guy up in make up which was quite fun to do and another where we painted his toe nails and told him how lovely he looks.

By the end of the day we were very hungry so could not resist a stop off to Burger King for some tasty foodies!

Here is myself and Masie munching on our yummy burgers lol.
Masie now also has a brilliant blog which you can read HERE!

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