Monday, 18 October 2010

Working with Spanking Sarah!

Well a little while back I worked for Spanking Sarah where I spent the day getting spanked on my bottom for being a very naughty girl!
I did the first scene in which I was being naughty staying up late before I had to get up early in the morning and my mean auntie spanked me for it.
She then spanked me again in the morning because I slept in for college!
She got her slipper out and started whacking my poor bum until it was all red!

Then I managed to get told off at college and sent home so auntie got even more mad and started spanking me with a really big, hard paddle.
My poor bottom was red raw by the end of the day but I guess I should have been better behaved!

It was a really fun shoot but boy did I have some huge bruises on my bum after it!

My scenes should be up on the site soon but for now you can enjoy Masie Dee's even naughtier one with Leo Pops!
Watch the naughty video HERE!


  1. VN 18/10/2010 23:50
    Bruised but still nice butt!
    University graduate Satine ?

  2. Hey there :)

    love your work, love your style - I hope you enjoy & continue to put out a LOT of material :D

    happy fan

  3. Love you in that bdsm vid where you're hung like a dolly. So funny. How are you?