Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Working with Tim Rosier

Well that was a very busy weekend as I then had another shoot the next day!

I was working with the fabulous photographer local to me called Tim Rosier.
He likes a lot of art nude and erotic style shoots so as you can guess, that is some of what we shot!

I got up bright and early, we drove down to an empty wood where I got naked in the freezing cold to get some gorgeous photo's taken. Lol I think it was worth it but boy were my feet cold afterwards.

Here are a few of the images that we got from the day.

I think these look rather sexy!

I really like this one the best, I think that it looks like a dream world almost.
I was very pleased with this morning shoot but I had to rush off afterwards as I had another shoot that evening.
What a busy bee!

When I was getting into my car to leave I noticed a certain ginger something following me and next thing I knew, a super cute ginger kitty was in my car! Hehe.

He was super cute and fluffy and I really, really wanted to take him home with me!
Unfortunately I could not and also, I do love my own kitty very much. I wouldn't want to make him jealous!


  1. VN 22/10/2010 11:55
    Satine miss you so much!
    Image 1, 2 beautiful and classic.
    3, like fairy images.
    University? Satine certification?

  2. VN 23/10/2010 (19:05)
    Clean and beautiful cat.

  3. VN 17/11/2010 (19:05)
    Satine negotiable affection!

  4. Eye color and hair color for you is wonderful!
    I love you ...!

  5. VN 17/11/2010 (19:25)
    In a black and white photos, I found my hands not with the location. /. but i love you.

  6. Are you ok...!
    I love you Satine./.