Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy Christmas and antics as a red-head!

Hello everybody!!!

I hope you all had a FAN-tastic Christmas and I hope your still having a great holiday!
(Big hugs to those who are back to work)

I have had a great Christmas and have eaten far too much food but it's OK because Im having a great time
I thought Id let you know I have been doing more shoots for Abby Winters which I am still mega excited about coming out (As always!) and I thought I would mention that I am now a red-head!
Im hoping I will get a shoot soon enough where you can see it!
But for now, here is a quick snap!

Anyway, have a fab holiday and a fab New Year!

Satine xXx


  1. Hi...Hi...Hi...!
    I am mess you Satine./.

  2. Like the hair,just not loving the eyeliner.It clashes with your hair too much.