Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Working for Tranisa - part 2!

Well I just could not help but wander over to shoot for Tranisa again!
And boy oh boy have they been busy updating their site since our last shoot! :)
So if your into that kind of thing, definately check it out.

I spent the day doing various scenes with a lovely transexual whom we got to dress up as a girl all day!
We even did a sexy doctors scene where the guy in the scene was told he would have to become a woman forever. Now you sure can't complain at that eh?

It was a real fun shoot and I got to spend yet another day with my bestest buddie (at work at least!) Masie Dee and the lovely Rowen.

Oh and they also have a Youtube channel where you can view videos HERE!

As it happens, this week I do seem to be just bumping into sex related "stuff" which keeps making me chuckle.
Myself and my sexy other half went out to the cinema with some vouchers which I won (yipee!) and we decided to go to the pub nearby for a juicy steak and chips.
It made me laugh when I noticed the table number.

And I must say, I do wish Id had a picture as it was the best steak I have ever eaten out (at a reasonably priced pub). It was perfectly cooked and the chips that went with it were just soo moreish!

Well that wasn't all.
I noticed the other day whilst walking back to my car that some one has an AWESOME wheel cover!

Hehe...It made my day.


  1. Come nightingale, tell me the word.
    The mountain from which you came is blessed.
    The rose burns you, my love burns me.
    You are crying, I will also cry.


  2. VN 15/12/2010 (19:20)
    Satine nurse was so cute!