Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Little of what I've been upto this week!

Well I've had a super fantastic week!!!
I've been very busy first collecting my certs to be able to do more naughty girl on girl shoots where I happened to bump into the lovely Isabel Dean! (She looks just as fabulous out of make up!)

And then I had a shoot the day after doing two photo sets. One shall be for Club magazine which I am super excited about! And the other is a Christmas set in a cheeky little outfit. I know, can you believe we are shooting Christmas already!?

I will of course be putting some photo's up as soon as I receive a few to share with you :)

I then spend Wednesday shooting for a Dutch company doing a girl girl scene with an older woman called Wendi. I had been extremely naughty in my hockey kit and had lost the hockey sticks so she decided to teach me a lesson by forcing me to do lots of naughty things, like play with myself until I come!

Well I decided I sure wasn't going to be losing those hockey sticks again anytime soon, especially after having her sit on my face and pleasure her! :D

I happened to bump into the super sexy Holly D who was also shooting the same day and my oh my does she look hot at the moment!!!
She is super buff having took up wrestling and it definately turned me on!

We were shooting at the same studios that Relish were also shooting at so it was a studio full of porn for the day. I bet the owner was VERY happy!

I then spent the Thursday evening at Britains Got Totty which was SOOO much fun!
Im awaiting photo's for this so my next post will have all the pics and all the details of the evening.

That's all for now, Ill be blogging later this week for you!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

And the winner is...

After some lovely entrants and some great reasons to come along to the Paul Raymond party, I have decided the winner will be...

Giovanni Gueli!

How could I possibly turn you down if you booked a ticket on a whim to come and meet me!?

Now all I ask is that you email: and please include a photo of your plane ticket (so we know its really you!) and you we will send you full details of the event!

You will get to come along when no one except for adult industry are allowed in and you will get a signed photo of myself and Kandie Luv.


And what for those who entered and did not win?
Not to worry!
The event allows all members of the public into the event from 8.30pm onwards and it is still FREE to enter! So you can still have the opportunity to meet myself and Kandie and we sre hope you come along and show your love!

Also, to end on a good note, here's a few snaps I got from ATK Hairy!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Britains Got Totty 2011

Hello blogger people!

I think Im getting back into this blogging malarky :D
Well, today I finished my very LAST ASSIGNMENT for university!!!
What a fantastic feeling indeed!

I do still have an exam left to finish but I am soon to be a post-graduate! (Don't worry, Ill still be a student at heart and I'll certainly still look like one for a while!)

I've a lot of exciting news to tell you about which I shall be blogging about all this week.
But first things first, it's Sunday ad we all know Sunday is the day I bum something!

This week I have been mostly bumming...Britians Got Totty 2011!!

This is an industry event which takes place on Thursday 26th May and is hosted at The Platinum Lace Gentlmen's Club!
It's to celebrate another fantastic year of Paul Raymond publications which include the magazines Escort and Razzle which I can be seen in previous issues.

I think you should bum it because:
- It has HAWT pornstars attending
- There is free bubbly and finger food at the event!
- Its at a Gentlemen's club
- Its to celebrate a porn mag company!
- It has a funky name
- Myself and the SEXY Kandie Luv will be in attendance!
- Do I need anymore reasons!?

Well you may be thinking, "That's all great but I'm not invited!"
But you are wrong!

I am able to invite one of you to this fantastic event but you will need to do the following:
- Send me a message on the comments section of this blog post stating why you should come along to this event.
The best one will get to attend and I will happily get a photo taken with you. (And if your lucky, Kandie Luv might get in it too!)

The competition ends on Friday 20th May and the winner will be announced on the Saturday 21st May. I will then contact you with full details of the event.

Good Luck people!

Satine xXx

Monday, 9 May 2011

A few updates!


So here are a few more updates for shoots I did.

Im hopefully getting a few snaps soon but I did this AMAZING shoot for Nylon Extreme and there is actually an update of my up already!

I got to spend the day doing lots of naughty sets for the site including a video in a big nylon tube where I enjoyed stretching about in it and playing with myself until i came.
I also did this really fun one at the end of the day where i wore a nylon body stocking as well as nylon stockings and a stocking over my head... which I got all wet in the shower!

It was such a fun day as I love doing quirky shoots that are a little bit outrageous and this one certainly fit the bill!

As for shoots to come, I am very excited about a shoot I have coming up which is a messy food shoot, as I've never done one of those before!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Past Shoots What I Did...

So I thought I should let you know about some of the shoots I did over the last few months as I hadn't blogged about them! (terrible I know)

Well I had this fab shoot for the lovely guy at Retro Glamour again but this time for a new site of his which is a flashing site (Im afraid I've forgotten the link but Ill find out!)
Here are a few snaps from one of the sets we did at a train station!

It was extra naughty as anyone could have caught me flashing my bits to camera! It made the day extra exciting and there were certainly a few close calls with people getting an eyeful!

I also did another hairy shoot for ATK as I have soo much fun working for those guys! They are the best!
You can see a few free pics of me in all my unshaved glory HERE!
But of course, I added a few snaps here for you to enjoy!

Now I've had a few of you ask about my hair for this shoot and yes, I did have a helping hand on the hair front as my own hair would never look that amazing! :D
It was a really funny day though as the photographer is quite chatty and full of jokes and he insisted I sounded like Dobby from the Peep Show (not Harry Potter!)

Lol so now I think I must sound like some crazy farmer lady!?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bye, Bye Dissertation...

I just had to tell you all that I have FINALLY finished my dissertation! YAY!!!!
It is the best feeling in the world to know it is all written and finished and now all I have left to do is collect it tomorrow from the shop where it has been bound and hand it in :P

Im soo sad that Im going to get a picture of me with them lol

And the best part of this is now I have more free time to get up to no good and do more rude shoots for you to enjoy! YAY!
I have a few lined up including a messy food shoot which I am mega excited about as I've been trying to do one of them for the last year now. I also have some naughty peeing shoots lined up for those who like a bit of watersports :D

Oh and thought I'd mention some of the shoots I have done whilst I have been away from blog land...

I have been extremely naughty and went and done a HANDJOB shoot for Lady Sonia!!!

I couldn't really help myself.
I thought that the hunky Harvey Duke was very sexy and I just had to get my hands on him!
So I gave him a extremely thorough bed bath making sure his dick was nice and clean and well oiled afterwards. I followed this up with a kinky handjob with my latex gloves until he came all over them!

Oh and I got to ride the sybian!!!
Lady Sonia wanted to see just how long I could last before it was all too much for me and I must say, I surprised myself!
It was making me really horny and eventually I couldn't help myself and came :D
It was a great day!

So keep checking here for updates of what I've been upto and let me know what you guys have been upto as it's been a while! :)
I will also be planning some vlogging very soon...

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hello Blog! Hello blondey!!!

Hello! So I guess I've been a naughty and forgotten all about my poor little blog. It's about time that I started updating it regularly again! I've been reading some of my old posts and I think that recently it has gotten a little bland compared to some of my old posts so I intend on making it much more fun and full of lots of random rubbish for you to read! I do remember I used to do a regular post ever Sunday and as today is indeed a Sunday, here it is...


This week I have been mostly bumming Kandie Luv's brand new blog (I say this week but her first post was only on Friday!).
This is because she has a funny way of writing and being a bit of a chum of mine, I like to see what filth she gets upto and what better way to find out than via a blog :D

If you don't bum her blog I tihnk you definately should because:
- She has one sexy ass picture of her as her background
- She says she's going to post naughty behind the scenes photo's on her blog!
- She may do videos in future
- She's hot...need I say anymore really?

Well here is the LINK to her naughty blog and here is a sexy picture of the lady for you to perve on :D

And a little snap of myself at the moment with my back to blonde hair!

And I do endoeaver to blog more regularly from now on and promise to make my post more funny, more interesting and most definately more dirty!!!