Saturday, 21 May 2011

And the winner is...

After some lovely entrants and some great reasons to come along to the Paul Raymond party, I have decided the winner will be...

Giovanni Gueli!

How could I possibly turn you down if you booked a ticket on a whim to come and meet me!?

Now all I ask is that you email: and please include a photo of your plane ticket (so we know its really you!) and you we will send you full details of the event!

You will get to come along when no one except for adult industry are allowed in and you will get a signed photo of myself and Kandie Luv.


And what for those who entered and did not win?
Not to worry!
The event allows all members of the public into the event from 8.30pm onwards and it is still FREE to enter! So you can still have the opportunity to meet myself and Kandie and we sre hope you come along and show your love!

Also, to end on a good note, here's a few snaps I got from ATK Hairy!


  1. Congrats ta Giovanni......I shudda told ya Satine I had booked a cab from Piccadilly ta Platinum Lace !!! ha ha ha ha xxxxx

    Well I will see u there 2 hours laterz baybee so pleezee wait fa me......unless the ash cloud hits Italy n u need a sub....then I am here babes!!! ha ha ha xxxxx

    Fanx fa tha was a great comp u beauty!!! xxxxxx

  2. Sorry, I'm in too far ... ... Satine!
    Kiss you...!
    Please download video to blog Satine ...!