Sunday, 15 May 2011

Britains Got Totty 2011

Hello blogger people!

I think Im getting back into this blogging malarky :D
Well, today I finished my very LAST ASSIGNMENT for university!!!
What a fantastic feeling indeed!

I do still have an exam left to finish but I am soon to be a post-graduate! (Don't worry, Ill still be a student at heart and I'll certainly still look like one for a while!)

I've a lot of exciting news to tell you about which I shall be blogging about all this week.
But first things first, it's Sunday ad we all know Sunday is the day I bum something!

This week I have been mostly bumming...Britians Got Totty 2011!!

This is an industry event which takes place on Thursday 26th May and is hosted at The Platinum Lace Gentlmen's Club!
It's to celebrate another fantastic year of Paul Raymond publications which include the magazines Escort and Razzle which I can be seen in previous issues.

I think you should bum it because:
- It has HAWT pornstars attending
- There is free bubbly and finger food at the event!
- Its at a Gentlemen's club
- Its to celebrate a porn mag company!
- It has a funky name
- Myself and the SEXY Kandie Luv will be in attendance!
- Do I need anymore reasons!?

Well you may be thinking, "That's all great but I'm not invited!"
But you are wrong!

I am able to invite one of you to this fantastic event but you will need to do the following:
- Send me a message on the comments section of this blog post stating why you should come along to this event.
The best one will get to attend and I will happily get a photo taken with you. (And if your lucky, Kandie Luv might get in it too!)

The competition ends on Friday 20th May and the winner will be announced on the Saturday 21st May. I will then contact you with full details of the event.

Good Luck people!

Satine xXx


  1. hi I should win this competition because I am 36 male with a love of all things adult entertainment its all good when you see sexy ladies up close and personal there curves just make my heart pump and pants bulge

  2. Ooooh! Good one Martin ;)
    Who can beat his reason to get to party with all us sexay ladies.......cant wait to find out ;) xx

  3. I think i should win it because i am lonely. I need you lovely girls to cheer me up. I really hope that i win. It would make my year. I am your bigest fan Satine. I love you.

    Lots of love Ben

  4. Hi Ladies, my name is Giovanni and I’m from Italy, the Country where I live. Why should come along? Because I’m so crazy… I bought an one-way ticket to London (crazy but not liar, I can send you a copy of my flight booking details to prove it!) hoping to attend this event, only to meet my favourite pornstar Satine (you ‘re classy, cute and nasty at the same time, in my opinion:D) and get the opportunity to know better this lady called Kandie Luv…you look so friendly and outgoing as well as gorgeous…. we could have al ot of fun! So tell me, do I need other reasons? Kisses from Italy!

  5. I think that I should be your lucky guest at the Totty Awards bcoz I would be the most utter perfect Gent; my sole pursuit would be to make you laugh yr sexy pants off and fa u two ta have a top totty fun time….my honour is simply…….to have the sextreme pleasure to be in the company of two of the most sexalicious, dreamalectable, adorabalacious smart, shexhi laydees any man could want and to chaperone you two stunnas on this night would be many a wet dream cum true…….

  6. I am Daniel from Canada, and I think I should get to go since I have yet to meet a porn star and am very much curious to see how Satine is in real life. Her giggles get me going just as much as the rest!

  7. Because I've got the day off work ; )

  8. i think i should win this because i am sexy and ginger... you never know you might even fall for me... that would make me a lucky guy...

  9. i think you should take me because i am not really into the adult industry and find it all new. You would be showing me a whole new experience, plus id see loads of hot women! and you know me from some where and be shocked as to who is writing this!!

  10. I would love to come along mainly because I love tits.

    Fingers crossed.
    J. x

  11. Hi Satine, I would love if you picked me as the chance to meet you, Kandie Luv and all the other beautiful girls in such a nice club would be a dream come true. I think a few days in London would be nice.Hope to see you soon, xx Tom