Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bye, Bye Dissertation...

I just had to tell you all that I have FINALLY finished my dissertation! YAY!!!!
It is the best feeling in the world to know it is all written and finished and now all I have left to do is collect it tomorrow from the shop where it has been bound and hand it in :P

Im soo sad that Im going to get a picture of me with them lol

And the best part of this is now I have more free time to get up to no good and do more rude shoots for you to enjoy! YAY!
I have a few lined up including a messy food shoot which I am mega excited about as I've been trying to do one of them for the last year now. I also have some naughty peeing shoots lined up for those who like a bit of watersports :D

Oh and thought I'd mention some of the shoots I have done whilst I have been away from blog land...

I have been extremely naughty and went and done a HANDJOB shoot for Lady Sonia!!!

I couldn't really help myself.
I thought that the hunky Harvey Duke was very sexy and I just had to get my hands on him!
So I gave him a extremely thorough bed bath making sure his dick was nice and clean and well oiled afterwards. I followed this up with a kinky handjob with my latex gloves until he came all over them!

Oh and I got to ride the sybian!!!
Lady Sonia wanted to see just how long I could last before it was all too much for me and I must say, I surprised myself!
It was making me really horny and eventually I couldn't help myself and came :D
It was a great day!

So keep checking here for updates of what I've been upto and let me know what you guys have been upto as it's been a while! :)
I will also be planning some vlogging very soon...

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  1. Saine ... Congratulations! great.
    Satine was successful!