Monday, 9 May 2011

A few updates!


So here are a few more updates for shoots I did.

Im hopefully getting a few snaps soon but I did this AMAZING shoot for Nylon Extreme and there is actually an update of my up already!

I got to spend the day doing lots of naughty sets for the site including a video in a big nylon tube where I enjoyed stretching about in it and playing with myself until i came.
I also did this really fun one at the end of the day where i wore a nylon body stocking as well as nylon stockings and a stocking over my head... which I got all wet in the shower!

It was such a fun day as I love doing quirky shoots that are a little bit outrageous and this one certainly fit the bill!

As for shoots to come, I am very excited about a shoot I have coming up which is a messy food shoot, as I've never done one of those before!


  1. you going to do another bukkake ever? i really enjoy your ones on we love bukkake

  2. Well at the moment I haven't any planned but I know that We Love Bukkake have a few more of me which has not yet been published!!!
    So keep an eye out ;)
    Satine xxx

  3. VN 14/5/2011 (21:00) The article very interesting mind, Satine, please paste additional images to see Satine lively and playful.
    Kiss you Satine...!

  4. OMG! You're doing a messy food shoot?! I want to hear more about that :D

    You're impossibly adorable, and the amount of fun you seem to be having during your shoots is really great to see. Hope you enjoy the messy shoot (or past-tense enjoyed it, if it's already done with by now). I hope you'll agree that getting trashed with desserts can be fun as hell, and I'm not just saying that in the interest of wanting to see you do more of it ;)

  5. Aw yes I will be! It's been re-scheduled now so I have to wait a little longer before I get to try it out!

    :D Very excited though!

    Satine xXx

  6. Satine!

    You've got body stocking shots??? Are you trying to torment me? Any chance of sharing one?
    sunshine x

  7. Hehe I will ask and see what I can get a hold of! :D
    It was a VERY fun shoot!

    Satine xXx

  8. @Satine: Awesome, hope you have a great time with it! BTW, any idea what sort of messy food shoot you're going to be doing, specifically?