Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hello Blog! Hello blondey!!!

Hello! So I guess I've been a naughty and forgotten all about my poor little blog. It's about time that I started updating it regularly again! I've been reading some of my old posts and I think that recently it has gotten a little bland compared to some of my old posts so I intend on making it much more fun and full of lots of random rubbish for you to read! I do remember I used to do a regular post ever Sunday and as today is indeed a Sunday, here it is...


This week I have been mostly bumming Kandie Luv's brand new blog (I say this week but her first post was only on Friday!).
This is because she has a funny way of writing and being a bit of a chum of mine, I like to see what filth she gets upto and what better way to find out than via a blog :D

If you don't bum her blog I tihnk you definately should because:
- She has one sexy ass picture of her as her background
- She says she's going to post naughty behind the scenes photo's on her blog!
- She may do videos in future
- She's hot...need I say anymore really?

Well here is the LINK to her naughty blog and here is a sexy picture of the lady for you to perve on :D

And a little snap of myself at the moment with my back to blonde hair!

And I do endoeaver to blog more regularly from now on and promise to make my post more funny, more interesting and most definately more dirty!!!


  1. Hooray! Welcome back! How have you been... You look gorgeous with your new/old hair! =D

  2. Hey! :)
    I am back indeed! Im very good thanks and hoping to be blogging more regularly from now on!

    Satine xXx

  3. Hey Satine are you a natural blonde?

  4. I sure am! :) At the moment though I am a slightly bleached blonde :)

    Satine xXx

  5. Kiss...,Kiss...,Kiss... you Satine...!