Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Little of what I've been upto this week!

Well I've had a super fantastic week!!!
I've been very busy first collecting my certs to be able to do more naughty girl on girl shoots where I happened to bump into the lovely Isabel Dean! (She looks just as fabulous out of make up!)

And then I had a shoot the day after doing two photo sets. One shall be for Club magazine which I am super excited about! And the other is a Christmas set in a cheeky little outfit. I know, can you believe we are shooting Christmas already!?

I will of course be putting some photo's up as soon as I receive a few to share with you :)

I then spend Wednesday shooting for a Dutch company doing a girl girl scene with an older woman called Wendi. I had been extremely naughty in my hockey kit and had lost the hockey sticks so she decided to teach me a lesson by forcing me to do lots of naughty things, like play with myself until I come!

Well I decided I sure wasn't going to be losing those hockey sticks again anytime soon, especially after having her sit on my face and pleasure her! :D

I happened to bump into the super sexy Holly D who was also shooting the same day and my oh my does she look hot at the moment!!!
She is super buff having took up wrestling and it definately turned me on!

We were shooting at the same studios that Relish were also shooting at so it was a studio full of porn for the day. I bet the owner was VERY happy!

I then spent the Thursday evening at Britains Got Totty which was SOOO much fun!
Im awaiting photo's for this so my next post will have all the pics and all the details of the evening.

That's all for now, Ill be blogging later this week for you!

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