Saturday, 7 May 2011

Past Shoots What I Did...

So I thought I should let you know about some of the shoots I did over the last few months as I hadn't blogged about them! (terrible I know)

Well I had this fab shoot for the lovely guy at Retro Glamour again but this time for a new site of his which is a flashing site (Im afraid I've forgotten the link but Ill find out!)
Here are a few snaps from one of the sets we did at a train station!

It was extra naughty as anyone could have caught me flashing my bits to camera! It made the day extra exciting and there were certainly a few close calls with people getting an eyeful!

I also did another hairy shoot for ATK as I have soo much fun working for those guys! They are the best!
You can see a few free pics of me in all my unshaved glory HERE!
But of course, I added a few snaps here for you to enjoy!

Now I've had a few of you ask about my hair for this shoot and yes, I did have a helping hand on the hair front as my own hair would never look that amazing! :D
It was a really funny day though as the photographer is quite chatty and full of jokes and he insisted I sounded like Dobby from the Peep Show (not Harry Potter!)

Lol so now I think I must sound like some crazy farmer lady!?


  1. Me too many memory Satine ...!

  2. Wallpaper's new blog is beautiful and bright.

  3. VN 14/5/2011 (20:30) Birthday this year with fun photos, post a blog for all to signify a person far from being shared. Viet Nam, especially in tropical Saine!

  4. Love the causal train station shoot, very becoming...

    another happy fan