Tuesday, 6 September 2011

House Moving and Graduation!

Well I have been a busy-body and recently graduated from my degree...WHOOPIE!
Finally a whole 3 years of work, finished.
It was very odd finishing university as it all came so very quickly I didn't really feel as though I should be graduating! It was extra fun getting to wear funny robes all day and it was really nice to finally get my results.

Many of you asked what I got and what I studied. Well I am nice enough to share that with you! I did my degree in BA Fashion Marketing and received a 2:1.
I am extremely happy with my results and if any of you need a marketer you know where you can go! :D

I have done a lot of shoot which I have not blogged about, honestly, out of laziness! I find that when I miss a day or two of blogging I struggle to keep up with it all! So it is my mission to attempt to blog on here at least 3 times a week for you guys.

I have also moved house recently and moved in with my lovely boyfriend :)
We have been spending the last week or two decorating the house and unpacking which takes far too long!

If any of you wish to purchase a house warming gift for me then you can get something here: AMAZON WISH LIST

And we also got two extremely cute little kittens!
They are called Humphrey and Lola.

So this week I shall post about all the past shoots that I have done for you with links to all the naughty sites they are on!