Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Erotica ca ca ca!! (And Sex Station!)

Well I told you I would start blogging again eventually! :D

I just had to get my blogging mojo back people!

Well I have exciting news for you I do!
I will be attending Erotica this year for 2 days so you will get the chance to come along and meet me if you like.

Here are the details for where I am on each day of the show!

When: Saturday 19th November
Where: @ Fiesta Mag Stand E4
Time: 13.30 - 21.00

When: Sunday 20th November
Where: @Anywhere XXX (AKA Strictly Broadband) Stand S6
Time: 16.00 - 21.00

I will be signing at the event for you and I will also have a very small selection of signed naughty photo's available for you to purchase for just £10!

See LAST YEARS Erotica photo's!

And I thought I would let you know that tonight I will also be working on Sex Station between the hours of 7pm - 3am so come and catch me for a chat and lets get naughty together!

Here are the details for you:
0908 019 9977 89173
Calls cost £1.02 per min or 75p with a credit card!

89173 from mobiles
Calls cost £1.50 per min

Or leave me some lovely messages on Rampant!

I am going to start posting my shifts for the month up here so you know when I am on the show and guys unfortunately tonight is my last show of this month (unless I do some last minute shifts!)

I will let you know my shifts for December ASAP and if there is anything you would love me to wear on a show just let me know and I can hopefully do that for you!
Don't forget, if there is something special you want to get me just pick from my Amazon Wish List.
I have a choice of 3 wish-lists depending on what you would like to get me!
All gifts are greatly appreciated from you lovely people!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Evanescence Concert!

Well guys, on Sunday 13th November, I went to go and see Evanescence at the Birmingham O2 Academy.

It was awesome...

I have seen the lovely band once before but I think they are still amazing and Amy Lee has only got better and better!
We had The Pretty Reckless start the show and they were very good. I had my crazy hyper friend and my cider with me (£4.75 a pint!?) and we got rocking to the awesomeness of Evanescence.

They were touring with their brand new album which I am very much liking (especially THIS track) and I have managed to borrow some fantastic photo's from Concerts Captured for you to enjoy:

As here is what I managed to snap!

I was lucky enough to actually MEET Amy Lee backstage after the show too!!!
Me and my friend got our tickets signed and then squealed like little girls about it the whole way home :D

Oh and on the way we found this really funny note on the toilet break!

Hehe! If you can't see it, it says, "Beware of Limbo Dancers"