Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Evanescence Concert!

Well guys, on Sunday 13th November, I went to go and see Evanescence at the Birmingham O2 Academy.

It was awesome...

I have seen the lovely band once before but I think they are still amazing and Amy Lee has only got better and better!
We had The Pretty Reckless start the show and they were very good. I had my crazy hyper friend and my cider with me (£4.75 a pint!?) and we got rocking to the awesomeness of Evanescence.

They were touring with their brand new album which I am very much liking (especially THIS track) and I have managed to borrow some fantastic photo's from Concerts Captured for you to enjoy:

As here is what I managed to snap!

I was lucky enough to actually MEET Amy Lee backstage after the show too!!!
Me and my friend got our tickets signed and then squealed like little girls about it the whole way home :D

Oh and on the way we found this really funny note on the toilet break!

Hehe! If you can't see it, it says, "Beware of Limbo Dancers"

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