Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, Newd Me!

Well you better get your hands on tomorrow's issue of Fiesta...
Because I am their new bi-monthly columnist!

I'll put op some snaps when it's out so you get an idea of what's inside but I have a two page SPREAD talking about all my naughty antics so please grab a copy!

I had been dying to tell you guys all about it but had to keep it top secret!
I also have done a few recent shoots, two of which were for Fiona Cooper.
Photo's to come as soon as I have a few to show you.

So this month I am doing well with my resolutions so far but we arn't very far into the year yet, hehe.
Anyway, this week I have been totally into my cooking and am trying out the Sainsbury's "Feed Your Family for £50 a Week" but for 2 instead of 4.
They have some very tasty meal plans and Im trying the first one this week.
Today Im having a yummy tomato, sausage hotpot which smells soo good!

I do love cooking but my problem is I never know what to cook so these are a great idea for myself.
 Anybody got some tasty recipes for me to try? Spunk on toast? Cream de la pussy? hehehe...

And on a final note, I want to say a little something about the wonderful Hannah Wollaston. She was my agency's fantastic make up artist and a glamour model herself and she sadly passed away over Christmas. 

Death can be sad and untimely and I want to give my regards to her family at this time. What an unfortunate loss of a wonderful lady...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Web Cam Show Anyone?

So people, I have decided this year I am certainly going to set a few new year resolutions...and stick to them!

Here are a few im working on:

- To actually webcam! 
 I keep saying I will and then never doing it so Im actually making an effort to do this now. I have set up a profile on Adult Work (Can anyone help me with using this!?) and I am going to start doing private cam shows via skype.
If you are interested in this please let me know and hopefully we can sort out a show!

- To save some money!
Me being a girl and all that means a lot of my money goes on clothes, shoes, dildo's, handbags, jewellery, shoes, clothes, more handbags... :D
So I think it's about time I stop spending and start saving!

- To get a new look!
I feel it's time to update my look a little and get a little more glamorous! Im think a new hair do is definately in order and possibly a new (temporary) colour... What do you guys think?

- To get to the gym!
It's true, models can be lazy too and I have not been going to the gym nearly enough! It's time I started working out again and got myself a lovely toned stomach and some "guns" lol!

- To make more of an effort!
This is more of a general resolution which I think everyone should stick to. Why not make more of an effort than last year? I plan to put more effort into everything I do, be that my webcam shows, my photoshoots, my blogging, my cooking, etc. I want to do everything, better.

So that's the new year resolutions for you and I think my next few blog posts will be looking at all the people I have shot for last year, who I hope to shoot for this year and lots and lots of free clips and photo's of the recent shoots I have done!

Signing Off,

Satine x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Plus this months Sex Station shifts...

Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope you had a great night and I am starting my year with much more blogging!

It's just a quick one really to say Im looking forward to an even better year with more filth and more fun and Im starting mine with a holiday to Spain!

Im very excited and can't wait to start packing, I go away in 2 weeks time :O

I also thought I would share my shifts with you this month for those of you who enjoy a natter with myself :)

Sex Station January Shifts:

Mon 2nd - 11.30 - 7.30pm
Friday 6th - 2-10pm
Tuesday 10th - 2-10pm
Thurs 12th - 2-10pm
Saturday 28th - 10pm-6am

The Naked Show @ Babestation Extreme (Channel 96)

Sunday 1st - 12am onwards
One More Date TBA

So I look forward to chatting to you all soon!