Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Web Cam Show Anyone?

So people, I have decided this year I am certainly going to set a few new year resolutions...and stick to them!

Here are a few im working on:

- To actually webcam! 
 I keep saying I will and then never doing it so Im actually making an effort to do this now. I have set up a profile on Adult Work (Can anyone help me with using this!?) and I am going to start doing private cam shows via skype.
If you are interested in this please let me know and hopefully we can sort out a show!

- To save some money!
Me being a girl and all that means a lot of my money goes on clothes, shoes, dildo's, handbags, jewellery, shoes, clothes, more handbags... :D
So I think it's about time I stop spending and start saving!

- To get a new look!
I feel it's time to update my look a little and get a little more glamorous! Im think a new hair do is definately in order and possibly a new (temporary) colour... What do you guys think?

- To get to the gym!
It's true, models can be lazy too and I have not been going to the gym nearly enough! It's time I started working out again and got myself a lovely toned stomach and some "guns" lol!

- To make more of an effort!
This is more of a general resolution which I think everyone should stick to. Why not make more of an effort than last year? I plan to put more effort into everything I do, be that my webcam shows, my photoshoots, my blogging, my cooking, etc. I want to do everything, better.

So that's the new year resolutions for you and I think my next few blog posts will be looking at all the people I have shot for last year, who I hope to shoot for this year and lots and lots of free clips and photo's of the recent shoots I have done!

Signing Off,

Satine x


  1. I like Satine!
    Very good article!

  2. sure I am interested in ur webcam shows !!
    how can I be there ??

  3. Hi Satine. I'd also be interested in a cam show? Do you do Skype?

  4. Thank you for an amazing webcam show just now sweet thing! You really are a phenomenon, and even more so in real time! hehe Next time I'll do my best to have sound too.

    I can't wait to chat to you more soon, your heavenly smile made my week and the rest of you is like a whole load of delicious icing on top! hehehe

    Have a great evening cutie.


  5. How do I go about one of these web cam shows then I'm dieing to talk you

  6. I'd love to have a cam show please get in touch xx

  7. O.M.G. I think I LOVE you

  8. Whenever you want :)