Sunday, 5 August 2012

This Week I have been mostly...

THIS WEEK is finally BACK!

So This Week I have been mostly... Watchng every super hero film EVER!

I did indeed run straight to the cinema the moment both The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises came out.

I LOVE superhero movies. You know why?

- The always have a good ending

- They always have a hot female lover/girlfriend/wife

- They wear super tight, sexy outfits

- They make you feel good on the inside

- They have ACTION...and lots of it!

- They are just plain AWESOME!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Joybear...Educating Reeves

No so long ago I shot for the very big, highly commended Joybear Pictures again!

Joybear Pictures are an erotic adult company who shoot erotic videos for men, women and couples. They should some amazing high end footage with stunning, quality images for you to enjoy.

I had my shoot with the gorgeous Samantha Bentley who also has her own blog.
She has also posted a few sneaky shots from the scene we did together.

So me being me I had to be dating the sexy Samantha and have my naughty, naughty way with her! She was my cheeky mechanic and she got chatted up by some blokes so I decided to cheer her up with some sex!

We ended up doing it every way we could all in the barn on some hay bales.
Just check out some of the pictures!

Very naughty indeed!

We had soo much fun shooting together, we will definately have to have another shoot soon.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Sex Station Shifts - August

Hey guys and girls!

So you may be wondering, when will Miss Spark next be on Sex Station?
I want to see her naked and call her up and stuff!

Well look no further, my shifts for this month are below:

Sunday 12th - 11am until 7pm

Saturday 25th - 2pm until 10pm

Sunday 26th - 5.30am until 1.30pm

Satine Spark Pin: 137 
The number to call is: 0983 002 8801

So why not come and visit on Sex Station or Rampant TV!

And for those of you who have never seen, heard or called into the show, here is a few snaps for you to enjoy!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Recent RUDE shoot!

So guys, I have had a few naughty shoots recently but have yet to post the best bit...

I did this shoot with a local(ish) photographer who was very lovely and I must say, I am loving the images. They are very naughty indeed!

 I was just lounging around reading my porno mags when Mr Photographer decides to take some snaps! :)

I do have some photo's to come of some REALLY fun shoots!
Including Joybear, Feista mag (for my Bi-Monthly Column if you don't already know!), a few amateur photographers, Spanking Sarah, Northern Spankers and more!

Keep your eyes and boxers peeled...