Saturday, 4 August 2012

Joybear...Educating Reeves

No so long ago I shot for the very big, highly commended Joybear Pictures again!

Joybear Pictures are an erotic adult company who shoot erotic videos for men, women and couples. They should some amazing high end footage with stunning, quality images for you to enjoy.

I had my shoot with the gorgeous Samantha Bentley who also has her own blog.
She has also posted a few sneaky shots from the scene we did together.

So me being me I had to be dating the sexy Samantha and have my naughty, naughty way with her! She was my cheeky mechanic and she got chatted up by some blokes so I decided to cheer her up with some sex!

We ended up doing it every way we could all in the barn on some hay bales.
Just check out some of the pictures!

Very naughty indeed!

We had soo much fun shooting together, we will definately have to have another shoot soon.


  1. These pictures are lovely, Satine! You must be enjoying each others' bodies. I like the contrast of hair colour too.

  2. Yummy where's mine ???

  3. Loved your Fiona Cooper set with the ankle socks - do you have any more DVDs with you wearing them?

    Also, where's the best place to buy your DVDs?