Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A few random videos... with Masie Dee!

Haha so i was having a nosey at my bestest buddie Masie Dee's blog and look oh look what I found!?

All the videos from our spanking weekend together!
We did a whole weekend with the awesome guys at Northen Spankers and Masie remembered to film loads and loads from the whole shoot!

So instead of me uploading all of the videos onto here, I figured it would be much easier for me to just link to them all...HERE!

Beginning of the weekend with Masie Dee

Behind the scenes footage from my spanking session from Masie!

Behind the scenes part 2

And to top the weekend off...we ended with a little Q & A in the bedroom.

Now I think that may take you some time to watch through so do enjoy and I'll catch you all next time with some more sneak peeks into the life of a part time porn star!

Ta Ra! x

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