Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fish, Sex Station and Easter!

So I am very very excited because I got bought some goldfish today! :D
My friend bought me a fish tank for my birthday present and today I finally got the fish to go inside.
For some of you, that might not be such a big deal but for me it is the first fish I have ever owned! lol And they are so funny!

Hehe, I picked the two silliest looking fish I could find and I think one of them looks like it has a knob on its head! So anyone got any ideas what I should name them?

I know its not the best picture but Ill get some good ones soon when my phone doesn't die on me!

Also, some of you will be happy to know, below are my shifts for Sex Station up until the end of April!

- Saturday 30th March - 2pm-10pm
- Sunday 31st March (EASTER BUNNY!) - 5.30am-1.30pm
- Saturday 13th April - 2pm-10pm
- Sunday 14th April - 5.30am-1.30pm
- Friday 19th April - 7pm-3am
- Saturday 20th April - 11am-7pm

So Im looking forward to chatting to you all on there whether that be getting naughty or just to have a chat :)
And I do hope you all have an AMAZING easter - I know I will!


  1. Fish! I loved my fish I had when I was a teenager they were called Bob and Marge! Don't let anyone lie to you and say they have a five second memory they will be begging you for food every morning when you get up!

    What are they called and have you put some cool underwater accessories for them on your wish list yet?

  2. Satine whats your model name on sexstation?

  3. Hi Satine! It's Giselle from, I hope you're well. I stumbled across your blog & would love to have a chat with you about modelling in the UK as I'm planning a trip a little later in the year. What's the best way to get in touch with you? xox